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Psummer Sycho

I believe we all have a psycho in us, in many billion ways, ways you cannot fathom. Doing Little weird things that gives you motivation, churns your brain juices out. I believe i love it when I am around kids, doing silly kiddish things keeps my creative side very active. Some people like dancing, some drinking, some Painting, travelling, tripping, watching porn, (okay that got bit weird) but the point is whatever gives you the kick to bring out the best in you, Its perfectly fine…don’t be ashamed of it, embrace it, It’s part of your personality, it makes you shapes you into the person people love and adore, makes you stand out in the crowd.
Someday you might feel lets dress whacky to office. I Don’t want to wear Checks, or greys, blues, stripes.. I want to wear pineapples , polka dots, pinks, oranges, Blue flames from hell (that was so unnecessary!)
Don’t be afraid unless until it’s the Monokini (le borat!) or Cheetah printed superman suit with zebra print undies over it.

I’d Rather be a black sheep.

Suit Designed by Aman Jain

Espadrilles by Zara

Shades bought from Linking road, Bandra

Shirt by Lacoste Linen Sport Shirt Classic Fit

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