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DANDYMARCH with Amit Hansraj

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It had been almost 45 miutues past, we decided to shoot on a saturday and i was still searching for amit’s house, which was our shoot location , and i have Been entertaining Myself by reading amit’s tweets  , which are constantly telling you about what is he upto  and are Equally Funny .

I See a tall , man standing and waving his hands, with a gesture that yes , you have arrived and there he was .
AMIT HANSRAJ – Stylist, Photographer , Businesssman and a Curator .
Amit’s personal house and decor speaks volumes about him as a person.  A red wall talking about strength , A wooden book rack , with almost all the kind of books In the world, talking about diversity and completely telling about this multitalented man . Tiny little collectables talking about his flair for  travelling and his love for Preserving things .
For all those who dosent know, amit hansraj is partner with AMIT AGGARWAL, one of the Indian-International fashion luxury brand . But the world just dosen’t end there for hansraj.
It opens into a vast ocean ,of this man’s multi talented facets .
There is not a day where Amit would fail to impress and stand out into his own personal understated self .
Amit’s approach towards his personal style is Not to be out there at all. He is muted yet very clean and sharp, within his Comfort level.
He would really not go to A to Z  in terms of coordination, but would not mind taking a few Compromising leaps in terms of style .
Be it a fashion Event , or a personal gathering , or a regular day at The store at Kila , Hansaj is effortless and Classic .
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So we decided to shoot Hansraj , in three Different looks , ranging from moods of Monchromatic black and white, to a Twisted take on Wearing a Three piece , To a fresh ice blue earthy palettle, with  modern Silhouttes . and boy !  we were left gasping , asking for more .
Hansraj, often dig’s into his passion towards photography and Shoots now-and- then At his Home Studio .
When spoken , Amit is really excited about his Project , Indiandandy, which is live already .
We wish Amit , loads of love and Success
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On AMIT :-
Gold brooch – ABSYNTHE
Blue Kimono – From JAPAN
Blue Suit- CANALI
White Shirt -ZARA
Black and White Waistcoat – SVA by Paras  and Shalini Modi
Trousers – DRVV
Colour Block Pouch – MARC JACOBS
Ice Blue long coat , with Shirt and pants  – ANTAR AGNI by Ujjawal Dubey

You can also , check Indiandandy by Amit Hansraj

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