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DANDYMARCH with Amit Hansraj

cover 1



It had been almost 45 miutues past, we decided to shoot on a saturday and i was still searching for amit’s house, which was our shoot location , and i have Been entertaining Myself by reading amit’s tweets  , which are constantly telling you about what is he upto  and are Equally Funny .

I See a tall , man standing and waving his hands, with a gesture that yes , you have arrived and there he was .
AMIT HANSRAJ – Stylist, Photographer , Businesssman and a Curator .
Amit’s personal house and decor speaks volumes about him as a person.  A red wall talking about strength , A wooden book rack , with almost all the kind of books In the world, talking about diversity and completely telling about this multitalented man . Tiny little collectables talking about his flair for  travelling and his love for Preserving things .
For all those who dosent know, amit hansraj is partner with AMIT AGGARWAL, one of the Indian-International fashion luxury brand . But the world just dosen’t end there for hansraj.
It opens into a vast ocean ,of this man’s multi talented facets .
There is not a day where Amit would fail to impress and stand out into his own personal understated self .
Amit’s approach towards his personal style is Not to be out there at all. He is muted yet very clean and sharp, within his Comfort level.
He would really not go to A to Z  in terms of coordination, but would not mind taking a few Compromising leaps in terms of style .
Be it a fashion Event , or a personal gathering , or a regular day at The store at Kila , Hansaj is effortless and Classic .
edit 2
So we decided to shoot Hansraj , in three Different looks , ranging from moods of Monchromatic black and white, to a Twisted take on Wearing a Three piece , To a fresh ice blue earthy palettle, with  modern Silhouttes . and boy !  we were left gasping , asking for more .
Hansraj, often dig’s into his passion towards photography and Shoots now-and- then At his Home Studio .
When spoken , Amit is really excited about his Project , Indiandandy, which is live already .
We wish Amit , loads of love and Success
IMG_7975 Final
edit 5
edit 4

On AMIT :-
Gold brooch – ABSYNTHE
Blue Kimono – From JAPAN
Blue Suit- CANALI
White Shirt -ZARA
Black and White Waistcoat – SVA by Paras  and Shalini Modi
Trousers – DRVV
Colour Block Pouch – MARC JACOBS
Ice Blue long coat , with Shirt and pants  – ANTAR AGNI by Ujjawal Dubey

You can also , check Indiandandy by Amit Hansraj

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The Second Floor Maverick.

layout 1


Some people require expensive lights and beautiful decors, to brighten up their living room, but people who personally know Punit Jasuja , or have come across him, know that they just need him in that room.


A vitamin infused  and a high on adrenaline , “HI”from his side is more than enough to kill the monotony of a boring day  and the hangover of his hospitality grows on you.

And boy ! how can one even , for a second ignore the multifarious and the oodles of a personal style that he carries with himself , making everyone feel itchy about the slightest ignored detail about their wardrobe in fractions of a second .

impeccable , edgy and cult ! These words talk about his style and his charisma in particular.


There wont be a day , where he would fail to surprise you with his unusual yet always doing wonders permutations and combinations , of putting his look together. And his obsession about being perfect , ask-the-people-around-him!


Punit Jasuja , today , is one of the most Echoing names in the design fraternity  , with a repertoire of work that expands across countries , genres , style and Time.


Jasuja, runs a creative agency focussed on interior design , marketing  based events , special events and strategic brand development . The agency also has a concept store in shahpur jat, that reflects punit jasuja’s persona through fashion, Home and lifestyle. When entering the 5000 square feet one can really not see it all at once , without taking a few rounds of the store . The sensibility is international , urban and timeless.


A collection of things he has put together is buffet for the eyes and is a result of Punit’s undenying and undying fascination  towards Design, travelling and culture .

Be it the exotic bone jewelley being displayed at the entrance or the multicoloured sriped wall , or even an antique spiral sraircase ( that actually goes towards the place he sits ), everything talks about his meticulous taste and his clear understanding about his clientele , who walks into his design Mecca .


A glass building within a distressed lane of shahpur jat,  jasuja’s SECOND FLOOR STUDIO, Caputres and stocks all the things that you would want to posses at an instant glance upon them .

Look out for Second Floor studio this fall , they are expanding with more creative ideas , that will blow your mind .


layout 2


layout 3

layout 4


layout 5


In Pictures                       PUNIT JASUJA

Styled by                          PARAM SAHIB (ubermensch lab )

Shot By                            ANKIT CHAWLA (Giggles photography )

Location                           SECOND FLOOR STUDIO






Fur Collar: Punit Jasuja Luxury made in Italy

Bag: Jack Spade

On His Wrist : Baan Bangles

Watch: The President Gold Rolex


Leather Trench Coat: Vintage Leather by Yves Saint Laurent

Pants: Gucci

Shirt: Shoop Doop  London (Available at Second Floor Studio)

Bracelet: Champagne Bracelet by Punit Jasuja



Jacket: Vintage Chicago Police Leather

Shirt: Kardo

Pants: Kardo

Shoes: Neil Bartlett

Jacket: JOSEPH



Ankita Pincha: Punit Jasuja Luxury

Aishwarya Singh: Three

Guneet Babbar: Pero

Prateeq Kumar: Hat by Hugo Boss


The Second Floor Studio


Second Floor Studio is a design firm that spans across retail, interior design, and events. Founded by Punit Jasuja, Second Floor Studio aims to bring a level of New York sensibility and international style to India through high-end design and interiors and a carefully curated collection of products.  The retail store has men’s, women’s and kids fashion, home accessories and furniture.  The agency does interior projects that ranges from homes, restaurants and retail outlets.

Second Floor Studio develops and executes bespoke events and marketing-based events ranging from product launches to royal weddings to private dinners for CEOs.  The events team at Second Floor Studio has years of global experience that allow them to execute high-end events and interior projects with an attentive eye to detail and a flair for creative design.

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The Flip Side :) With Ujjawal Dubey

Greetings everyone.
Ubermecsh lab is  Super exited to share its latest collaboration with Antar agni, and getting Ujjwal dubey, on the blog,  and present him in A never seen before avatar :))
Antar agni , as we all know, is a menswear label, working on sharp cuts and monochromatic palettes,
with Three sesaon already in lakme fashion week, and a clientele of major celebriteies like arjun kapoor, rhea kapoor, kunal kemu ,  wearing  the label already  with perfection.
Adding to the kitty, is Ujjwals recent win at the grazia’s young fashion award, as the best Menswear label in India.

“….So many flip sides to a man because we live in this bizarrely manipulative place called earth and You can’t help it unless you own the tesseract and you are LOKI (We love you Tom Hiddleston !)

. We live many lives, play many roles…of a father, son, boss, husband, friend or mentor. Here your attire tells a lot about you to people even before you approach them. You will be dressed differently for different occasion. You can’t turn up to office in a hippie avatar wearing baggy jeans and big peace symbol on your loose t-shirt and (God forbids) Horrendous Crocs (Holes are from where dignity leaks out), You need to look your sharpest. But I cannot go to friends place like that maybe because I am not free, I feel trapped in all the corporate costumes we have to adorn for client to believe in our professionalism.
But at the same time I also don’t want to look like everyone of them…Not one of the herd…not me..not now or ever. I would make little changes here and there in the regular outfit just to break the monotony. Maybe add a broach…or weird patterned socks and my favorite “the shades”, when out on a lunch a classy shades can turn your look majorly.

But having said all that, Folks, trick is to never overdo it.”

collage 1

A wrapped twice as nice waistcoat, with a white crinkled shirt, Blue rolled up pants, and a zebra printed scarf.
Grunge mixed with uber street style, was the mood behind this look.
The muted blues and the Silent browns thrown with hints of, white , grey and blacks, worked in sync with the individualistic personality of Ujjwal.


Really taking us  By  a surprise, and owing every bit of this Cheery look, ujjwal , stood out , with his funny side up and pulling off this OTT look with ease.
White linen shirt, Disney cardigan,  cobalt blue chinos and Happy socks, on ujjwal, made him Not-So-Ujjwal-like.
Vintage glasses, pipe and the printed scarf , Supported the look, with a whole lot of nature backdropping to play with.
Its a look, that you cant imagine and associate with Antar agni, but We think ujjwal personally rocked it with Exhueming confidence and chutzpah.


The look features Ujjwal in an early morning vintage floral jacket, with a vintage faux leather sling, and Draped pants.
Adding an extra zing, is a Gold Disney broach .
 Ujjwal’s personal style is very clean and sharp, but we wanted to break that monotiny, and present him in something , fun , chirpy, printed  and candid.
The looks works the best with ujjwal’s  synonyms beard and makes its more intense and serious, yet very playful, for a modern man.

It was indeed a pleasure and ultra happiness to work with him, The ubermensch team wishes him all the best for his future projects !
Photograhed by  Anshul bhansali
Styled by          Param sahib
you can visit us on facebook on Ubermensch lab
And our blog :- https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ubermensch-Lab/716617248391060?ref=hl
You can visit Antar_Agni facebook page here :-
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