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Blue Conversations


Taking it Easy Breezy This Summer , Ubermensch Lab decided To Do Denim on denim and ReCode the Trend

Denims were invented by  Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873 .

Jeans are named after the city of Genoa in Italy, a place where cotton corduroy, called either jean or jeane, was manufactured.

Ever since then , Denims have been synonyms with Being rough and tough , and being the wild one.


Giving a miss To the boots , with denims , We deicided to go a bit Experimental and Team them with kolapuris , and keep it as Minimal as possible.

You must be Wondering Why denims in summer ? That what we are trying to Break the notion .

Using a well washed and light weight Denim jacket, with a Ripped denim bottom and a White vest , thrown with  a Faux Jesus Neckpiece , we Teamed the look on Sidhant , a Young Budding designer and Stylsit , with a dozen of attitude .





We decided the Shoot this Grunge Look, against a multitudes of Colours , and  Take a journey to the coloured walls Of delhi. The grafitti against the walls of This girls college In greenpark , New delhi served a perfect Place to shoot this Look.

A look that is very Easy yet very powerful within its simplicity , denim on denim cold be a deal breaker for summers . What i look about the look is the fact , that this simple look can be transformed into Something completely new , with a touch Of coloured Accessory and can be woven into something completely new each time .


2 jp

blue interpret


find us on instagram :- Parambanana/ Ubermensch lab


Seen in pictures




On Sidhant


DENIM SEPARATES sidhant’s own .

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DANDYMARCH with Amit Hansraj

cover 1



It had been almost 45 miutues past, we decided to shoot on a saturday and i was still searching for amit’s house, which was our shoot location , and i have Been entertaining Myself by reading amit’s tweets  , which are constantly telling you about what is he upto  and are Equally Funny .

I See a tall , man standing and waving his hands, with a gesture that yes , you have arrived and there he was .
AMIT HANSRAJ – Stylist, Photographer , Businesssman and a Curator .
Amit’s personal house and decor speaks volumes about him as a person.  A red wall talking about strength , A wooden book rack , with almost all the kind of books In the world, talking about diversity and completely telling about this multitalented man . Tiny little collectables talking about his flair for  travelling and his love for Preserving things .
For all those who dosent know, amit hansraj is partner with AMIT AGGARWAL, one of the Indian-International fashion luxury brand . But the world just dosen’t end there for hansraj.
It opens into a vast ocean ,of this man’s multi talented facets .
There is not a day where Amit would fail to impress and stand out into his own personal understated self .
Amit’s approach towards his personal style is Not to be out there at all. He is muted yet very clean and sharp, within his Comfort level.
He would really not go to A to Z  in terms of coordination, but would not mind taking a few Compromising leaps in terms of style .
Be it a fashion Event , or a personal gathering , or a regular day at The store at Kila , Hansaj is effortless and Classic .
edit 2
So we decided to shoot Hansraj , in three Different looks , ranging from moods of Monchromatic black and white, to a Twisted take on Wearing a Three piece , To a fresh ice blue earthy palettle, with  modern Silhouttes . and boy !  we were left gasping , asking for more .
Hansraj, often dig’s into his passion towards photography and Shoots now-and- then At his Home Studio .
When spoken , Amit is really excited about his Project , Indiandandy, which is live already .
We wish Amit , loads of love and Success
IMG_7975 Final
edit 5
edit 4

On AMIT :-
Gold brooch – ABSYNTHE
Blue Kimono – From JAPAN
Blue Suit- CANALI
White Shirt -ZARA
Black and White Waistcoat – SVA by Paras  and Shalini Modi
Trousers – DRVV
Colour Block Pouch – MARC JACOBS
Ice Blue long coat , with Shirt and pants  – ANTAR AGNI by Ujjawal Dubey

You can also , check Indiandandy by Amit Hansraj

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Power Game With ”DESIGN GUNS”

1 bags image




3 bags image




If you are still wondering , about The missing X factor in your life, DESIGN GUNS is the Appropriate  Solution to it .


Siddhartha Bansal, The Vision Behind Design Guns , Brings you a Range of Lifestyle products, With an Androgynous Vibe to it . He  Throws  his  Enigmatic and vibrant take on Products , to pump up your house .


“Design Guns epitomize its design philosophy, touring around ” Golden bird” nation to present day India, in the wanderlust for rich Art and culture”


Ranging from Products like, Digitally Printed Extravagent Cushions, Vodka Shot glasses with POP prints  , Swanky Custom Print Umbrellas , Wall clocks to Lamp Shades , DESIGN GUNS, in Shah pur jat, Green park , New delhi ,  Is A One Stop Solution !

Apart from products , Siddhartha, also Branches out into A pret clothing line, SIDDHARTHA BANSAL , offering a cult break from the monotony .The brand specilaises in Custom made prints ,  Unique and experimental Surfaces, modern cuts and Seamless Finace  and is all Set to make its Debut in LAKME INDIA FASHION WEEK-GEN NEXT -2015.


We love love love !

Dont forget to pay a visit at their store .


More products :-

10426101_676835365781749_2180841085590826563_nBabaji table lamp

11232231_678500298948589_4518749885958507780_nMirror Finish LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS  shot glasses

11659341_680853528713266_1588162465850545622_nKaleido Monsoon Umbrella

To shop Design guns :-




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POSTERHello guys,

Hauz khaz Village , Gives  Me  a major reason To go and visit And Not come out Empty handed.

Admist The hustle bustle of the Village, SQUARE LOOP, known for their unisex bags, has Opened up and You better be happy and Excited about This!

Designer Kanika Sachdeva who has also designed bags for Bodice’s runway shows , Opens her studio out here for us  and Presents Her pieces , and  she Let us have a first hand Experience about the same.




“Square loop specializes in unisex bags like backpacks, weekenders and laptop bags, it also offers clutches, satchels, totes and small leather accessories. The current collection offers flexible operation by giving multipurpose functionality to the bags. It takes mobility styling into consideration by making it suitable for different occasions. Natural skin colors in smoky or deep shades come together for this season’s collection made in genuine leather with natural fine finishes and metal trimmings.



You visit the store, and you can Get your bag customised.

From the range of Leather swatches and colours, that Square loop offers, One can go and customise Their bags, and add interesting details To it , If needed.


Is that amazing ?

Guys, you must visit the store and make the most of it!







Visit the store In hauz khaz village





The lab Keepers .


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Decoding WorkWear



ishaan edited 2



ishaan edited 3



Taking a dig Into, Phophesee’s Owner, Ishaan Sethi’s Style File, and brining him Into An Offbeat , relaxed and super stylish Workwear.

A shimmer Pullover, a kashmiri Stole, White denims and Cranberry Footwear, beats any Boring Boss’s Official WorkWear, anyday!


Ps:- Catching Ishaan, into a candid Moment with his Pet.  We Love !


Styled by     Param Sahib

Shot by        Oj chandra

Talent          Ishaan Sethi

About prophesee:-

The PropheSee platform allows brands to leverage their digital presence by developing actionable insights, predicting outcomes & optimizing for success

Visit prophesee on :- http://www.phophesee.in


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