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Technical Flaw

man with tecno copyUbermensch Loves technology.

#2020, Ubercool techno Men with a Mechanical Heart.

Style  becomes a chemical equation, which if solved , becomes a hit.


Till Then ,

Keep loving

#Uber lab keepers#



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ube selfie


Its always fun to illustrate Onself.

Nobody is watching, buts its just you and your reflection on screen.


I had fun, Selfying Myself.



The Lab keepers

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If I were to be put in a room, with Fifty people from  different place across the globe , along with one more indian , and if I had to make a choice , I would give up my comfort zone.


I would  Like  to interact with  new  and interesting people and would love  to learn  about new Culture and explore more genres.

This habit of mine, introduced me to the Dandy Friend I have today, RUBEN GALARRETA, a young Entrepreneur, who in every way,  is  A man with true and genuine style.

I was very clear to Uberfy  him,  staying true to his original style, which I would not be lying if I say so, But is Over-the –top-yet-so-much-his-own.

The lab keepers got hold of him on a bright winter  sunday morning at an old reservoir in Delhi.

The idea was to let black be the canvas on which we splash colours.

Throwing a  baroque printed sweatshirt, on a  Stone splashed  T shirt , with a Vitamin  popping  acrylic pendant , Sleek Mohawk hairdo with A Manish Arora Printed pouch and a dose of 90 ml Of chutzpah!,  every capture  turned out like a ferocious bullet.

We , loved the Contrast that the jacket and the accesory Brought in the picture, with a Black pepper base , and a razor sharp attaitude, as if India is not distant land For him Anymore!

Till then, keep loving Ubermensch.




The lab keepers



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