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We all have been hearing about Monday Blues , But have you experienced Tuesday Pinks ?

Soaking Myself In a head-to-toe , Tints and Tones of Pink , I bring this Pink edit .



no pnk says who


I  , for once here , am not trying to bully and Re Rub the fact that pink is not for guys .

We all  are adults and can make our own choices , of what do one wants  to wear  and what not .

The idea was to Spread awareness about Breast cancer , through a man’s way of dressing , and what perfect thing , than to use the Colour PINK !”

dope pink


The look was carefully , chalked out , taking care of the minutest details of pink , staring Right from accessories , bags and Layers ! 



Its a chain that we are starting , and We would be covering all the Colours Pretty much soon , to create our own rainbow !



Photos by Vishal Singh 

In pictures Param Sahib 


You can Visit us here :-


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We got The dapper and Multi Talented , Vikram Hazarika Sharma , The man  who is Happy Wearing Multiple Hats , From Being  A Stylist (Elle and Femina ),  a Writer( femina and homegrown )  and  being a Brand Consultant for Mutliple brands like Mr. Fox , Ashish N Soni   ,  and  Never Ever fails to cut a perfect Picture and bring his Gentleman Side , to come on board with us for a feature on Ubermensch lab  .


We got candid and Personal  With him , at his Dwarka Residence , where he Invited us .

Vikram , Stays in his mother’s House , with his pets . The house Speaks about  Art and Class , from every Corner , with paintings from  his sister  .  Every piece that is picked and put in his room , talks about his love for Fashion , quirk and elegance  .


Q1: How come you got into this field?? You always wanted to be this??

Growing up, I’d always been interested in art & culture, a passion encouraged by my mother, who used to take us for countless art & museum exhibits, plays and other culturally relavant events. The interest in visual arts gradually morphed into an interest in fashion, which led me to enroll in design school, where I learnt the ins & outs of fashion design. It was during a summer course in fashion communication at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan that I decided I wanted to pursue a career in fashion journalism, as a result of which I set up an online magazine on alternative fashion a few short months after graduating, which was soon followed by a stint at Femina. Along the way I’ve been involved in various aspects of the industry, which has enabled me to comfortably juggle a multitude of roles within the fashion realm.


Q2: I see you are an animal lover..?

Yes, I definitely am. I would have to attribute my fondness for animals to my sister Huma, who after rehabilitating & adopting two stray dogs last year, opened me up to the unbridled love that animals can bestow upon a person. We have two pet dogs, Mercedez & Hoop, who are pretty much a part of the family!


Q3: So Vikram what do you think you are better a writer or stylist?

It’s a little difficult to answer this question objectively, but having had more experience with styling shoots, I feel more competent as a stylist, but writing is something I really enjoy, a medium which gives you a deeper insight into the inner workings of a creative entity or individual.


Q4: A designer item you own, you cherish ? and what would you like to own once in your lifetime?

Ironically, I’m not big on designer labels, although I do appreciate the tremendous amount of effort designers put into telling a story through clothing each season. A lot of hard work goes into creating a brand and sustaining it’s popularity through time in an environment where there is growing competition and most ingenious ideas have already been tapped into. However I do cherish a few pieces I’ve accumulated in my wardrobe with time, such as my leather bomber jacket, a double breasted woolen overcoat & my wide array of black t-shirts, a colour that I pretty much live in!

vikram 2

Q5: Whats your style statement ? How would you dress up for a casual outing in Delhi winters?

My personal style has definitely evolved with time. I prefer wearing basic silhouettes in neutral tones. On a normal winter day in Delhi, you’d catch me in an overcoat, black slim fit trousers and a grey muffler.


Q6: What do you think about present scenario on Men fashion in India?

I think the men’s fashion scene in India has come a long way. Right from designers, bloggers, magazines to stylists, models & celebrities, the interest in menswear in India has really picked up. People have started taking a greater interest in men’s fashion, a trend that could be potentially used to eradicate gender insensitivity.


Q7: What do you think would be the future? do we have the potential to go International?

I think in many ways, we already have, with the likes of Waris Ahluwalia & Singh Street Style having garnered attention overseas. But yes, it would be interesting to see an Indian brand or Individual influencing global trends in menswear on a larger scale.



Q8: What are you presently reading??

I usually find solace in the thought provoking writing of writers such as Jack Kerouac, Charles Bukowski and Murakami…but I’m currently reading a book that’s fairly out of my comfort zone, The Black Swan by Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a scientifically inclined book on the theory of Improbability.


Q9: Our readers would want to know …One style tip you would give to every            men?

One style tip I’d give to every man would probably be to be open to newer ways of dressing, not to let cultural or social archetypes restrict you from dressing the way you want.


Q10: It’s the cheesy one…Current relationship status?

Haha I usually don’t like delving into personal matters…but yes, I’m currently dating someone!




Vikram Also Owns TSD magazine  , an online platform , where he interviews some exceptionally talented People .

On Vikram :- Mr Fox , LecoanetHemant  & Hidesign 

Siddhartha Bansal .


Shot by      Anshul bhansali 

Styled by    Param Sahib 

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polkation soon on blog

Helloooooooooooo Guys !

My favourite and My love for Polka Dots , takes Over this Feature !

Every season , Some or the other Designer takes The classic Polka trend and Re interprets in their own way .

The term Polks popped in 1830’s  and became a rising trend amongst everybody !

in 1962 , DC comincs , picked up the polka dots trend , and Made it Universally Popular !

edited 2


Keeping it Fun , Experimental and Over the top , We decided to Be playful and slut up a formal black Format suit , with a million Neon pink Post its / Stickers and Create a pattern .

Robin  Dhillion , became my muse For this Project and boy ! That beard and that Expression , and oodles of attitude , with a tinch of smirk , made the look go Hundred notches above .


edited 4

On robin , we added a three piece Black suit , from Param sahib Clothing , and an informal , studded Bowtie , with our Statement Gold badge , all Inhouse and  Handmade .


Creating a pattern with Pink and gold dots , was Funnnn! As gold and pink when put together creates magic !

To add on , we put An Embroidered ,  Indian by Manish Arora I pad case , that i designer when i was with the company .

edited 3


edited 1

What i really love about My blog is that fact , that i dont Run after Trends , but i get to create magic here . I create and Publish what i enjoy and that brings out the best , and shows what i want to show .

My take On the polka dots  is exactly like how would incorporate the Trend into the clothes .


Hope you enjoyed the post too !


In pictures :- Robin Dhillon 

Shot by :- Oj chandra 

Styled by :- Ubermensch lab

Location :-Smoke house delhi 

I pad case :- Indian by manish arora 

Clothes :- Param sahib 




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Connoisseur Of Cool

main 1


With Julian Parr


After Having a near Heartattack experience  From the massive dogs , who stays on the groundfloor , i took a lift to the third floor , where He stays .

The lift opens , and tadaaaaa! To my surprise , i was welcomed By Julian’s pet , Biscuit !


I have to admit , that i keep myself away from pets , But Biscut ( as julian likes to call him ) , won my heart yet Kept me scared .


Julian and Mr Biscuit here .

I entered Julian’s House and it felt like i have literally Entered The Mad Hatters Residence .  A dream house , with Everything so carefully Picked and put together and a positive Vibe Running in every breath i took . We quickly Moved to julians Room, Wallpapered with the most Exquisite Floral wallpaper , and Then the wardobe , which prepapred me for a second heartattack .



For the first look , we Prepared julain after a massive dilemma , into a Baby pink hat , Tweed Two piece and a Zig zag tie , from his personal Tie collection of over more than 100 pieces .

The Picture came out beyond My expectation and loved every bit of the setup !


We moved on to our second look Quickly , in julians Study .

Giving a full Printed look , Thrown with a Blazer , floral Shirt and A striking Red hat , and Mint pants ,julian’s Look spoke about Lesson to get Print-on-Print Right .

Added with a Digital Printed pocket square , and Gold Footwear  , and  biscuit on his side , the picture came out Breathtaking .




Coming towards the end of the Shoot , was out Third shot , to be Exactly Shot in front of julains priced possesion. The bar !


Putting The Purple phase look on julian , with a Glamour Loaded hat , with satin band  , A three piece , with detailed collared blazer and a printed waistcoat , Blue Satin pocketsqaure  , tartan checkered pants and Electric blue Suedes , Set the mood with a Topping up of Martini .



Julian’s been , by far the best Model and Person to shoot with , because of his Promptness and  ease to carry any outfit with Zero Double Thoughts . Julians flair For Fashion and his Attempts to Bring out something offbeat and never put together , for men , is way beyond time  and sensibilities .


We love love love You Julian !

Thank yo for being such a spot !

We are hoping for a lot more features with you !



Special love to @Nabarun Sinha !



Shot by :- Raju Raman

Styled by :-Ubermensch Lab



The lab Keepers




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The Flip Side :) With Ujjawal Dubey

Greetings everyone.
Ubermecsh lab is  Super exited to share its latest collaboration with Antar agni, and getting Ujjwal dubey, on the blog,  and present him in A never seen before avatar :))
Antar agni , as we all know, is a menswear label, working on sharp cuts and monochromatic palettes,
with Three sesaon already in lakme fashion week, and a clientele of major celebriteies like arjun kapoor, rhea kapoor, kunal kemu ,  wearing  the label already  with perfection.
Adding to the kitty, is Ujjwals recent win at the grazia’s young fashion award, as the best Menswear label in India.

“….So many flip sides to a man because we live in this bizarrely manipulative place called earth and You can’t help it unless you own the tesseract and you are LOKI (We love you Tom Hiddleston !)

. We live many lives, play many roles…of a father, son, boss, husband, friend or mentor. Here your attire tells a lot about you to people even before you approach them. You will be dressed differently for different occasion. You can’t turn up to office in a hippie avatar wearing baggy jeans and big peace symbol on your loose t-shirt and (God forbids) Horrendous Crocs (Holes are from where dignity leaks out), You need to look your sharpest. But I cannot go to friends place like that maybe because I am not free, I feel trapped in all the corporate costumes we have to adorn for client to believe in our professionalism.
But at the same time I also don’t want to look like everyone of them…Not one of the herd…not me..not now or ever. I would make little changes here and there in the regular outfit just to break the monotony. Maybe add a broach…or weird patterned socks and my favorite “the shades”, when out on a lunch a classy shades can turn your look majorly.

But having said all that, Folks, trick is to never overdo it.”

collage 1

A wrapped twice as nice waistcoat, with a white crinkled shirt, Blue rolled up pants, and a zebra printed scarf.
Grunge mixed with uber street style, was the mood behind this look.
The muted blues and the Silent browns thrown with hints of, white , grey and blacks, worked in sync with the individualistic personality of Ujjwal.


Really taking us  By  a surprise, and owing every bit of this Cheery look, ujjwal , stood out , with his funny side up and pulling off this OTT look with ease.
White linen shirt, Disney cardigan,  cobalt blue chinos and Happy socks, on ujjwal, made him Not-So-Ujjwal-like.
Vintage glasses, pipe and the printed scarf , Supported the look, with a whole lot of nature backdropping to play with.
Its a look, that you cant imagine and associate with Antar agni, but We think ujjwal personally rocked it with Exhueming confidence and chutzpah.


The look features Ujjwal in an early morning vintage floral jacket, with a vintage faux leather sling, and Draped pants.
Adding an extra zing, is a Gold Disney broach .
 Ujjwal’s personal style is very clean and sharp, but we wanted to break that monotiny, and present him in something , fun , chirpy, printed  and candid.
The looks works the best with ujjwal’s  synonyms beard and makes its more intense and serious, yet very playful, for a modern man.

It was indeed a pleasure and ultra happiness to work with him, The ubermensch team wishes him all the best for his future projects !
Photograhed by  Anshul bhansali
Styled by          Param sahib
you can visit us on facebook on Ubermensch lab
And our blog :-
You can visit Antar_Agni facebook page here :-
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