My work takes me everywhere and to everyone. I don’t try to match situations and places to my attire. I try to match it with my mood and attitude towards my work. So I was in Chandni chowk where most of the opposite sex would be told to cover up because of certain sense of safety and anthrophobia. But I’m a free soul not changed to society’s idea of good or bad. I could stand out by being freaky and adorning haute couture but I decide to keep it Human and yet be superior among mortal.





It’s early morning  at the busiest part of the capital, work starts before most men have seen the first light , and my Movember trend is still on ! My beard and me , both have become dark and dense , with november and shall continue to stand tall ! I would pick up the brown leather jacket over basic check shirt to conceive my madness (golden pointy badges) and yet keep it stylish and neat.Going through tiny lanes I meet different people who don’t turn in shock but in appreciation of what they could have done because… “my touch is lot too much”






It could have been easy for me to pay someone and get my work done, But I believe people’s admiration and faith comes when everything you make have your touch.So I go to different markets meet different people of all statuses ranging from Filthy rich to downtrodden poor exchanging, haggling and bargaining. It’s a bustling market full of buyers and sellers, and early morning my Blue Knit joggers are just the thing I need to keep me comfortable and yet active avoiding jerks and pushovers.Its early November mist has started to rise and as you know “Winter is coming” so I need another layer under my Blue Bolero jacket which is just breaking the monotony and not rubbing it on people’s face, and this Grey knit Pullover does right justice to me keeping me warm, classy . Lets face it I am a no non-sense person Early in the morning.





Don’t you love the fog or wait…ermm.. Smogg yeah. Perfect brilliant white background and natural light, eery coolness to the environment .I wish it could be the same 24 x 7. I decide to take…. a Jog in the fog for my blog (damn Iam good).. till the time few of my lazy merchants get up. Frankly speaking Neon was my first love, it’s a born winner , best believe it. It takes real guts and madness to carry it off. BH adds or (I love to call it) sprinkled some neon on this grey knit jacket making it visible yet subtle. You don’t want to be part of the herd wearing same old jersey training jacket or one of those ugly thermocots or worst have a football team logo in front (which you have no clue about, FYI: Beckham no more plays in MAN U)


We all have same 24 hours, same seasons, same places, same resources if not better to become a better person, But rising above all requires no money, no contacts, only sheer dedication and creativity. You know you are doing great when people regardless of stature and class love you equally, wish for you, help you because at some point of time you have also done the same to them,

If that’s not Being Yourself ,  I don’t know what is.

       Ubermensch lab x Being Human

In pictures :Param sahib

Shot  by :- Anshul Bhansali

Clothes :- Being Human Clothing



Shop Being human Clothing here :



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